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2006 "Swede of the Year" chosen by the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in Florida: Kerstin Williams of Boca Raton to be honored.

Jonas Haeger, Chairman, SACC Florida (the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in Florida), announced:

"The Board of Directors of SACC Florida has elected Kerstin 'Kickan' Williams as the recipient of the SACC Florida 2006 Swede of the Year Award for her outstanding contribution to SACC, SWEA, and the whole Swedish community in Florida for many years."

Kerstin Williams will be honored at the SACC's Annual Gala Dinner. She becomes the second winner of the Award, following journalist and editor Lars Ottoson, who received it in 2005.

Kerstin Williams was instrumental in getting SACC off the ground in South Florida in 1992, shortly after she moved to Boca Raton from New York City. She served as that organization's first Chairperson. She has served on its Board and on several committees over the years.

Kerstin was also the co-founder of SWEA, (Swedish Women Educational Association) in New York (1983) and in South Florida (1992). She recently served as the President of SWEA South Florida, a position she held in New York earlier. She continues to work on committees within SWEA both locally and internationally.

Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, and raised in Sundsvall, Kerstin originally came to America in 1970 to work in the Swedish Trade Office in Chicago, Illinois. Later, in London, England, her advanced work in business administration led to her winning the prestigious Leo Burnett Marketing Award.

She and her husband, Temple (whom she originally met in Chicago and married in London, England), moved to New York City in the late 1970's. They helped introduce the U.S. branch of the Swedish Business-to-Business advertising agency, Anderson & Lembke in Stamford, Connecticut, in the early 1980's.  

In the late 1980's, the company Kerstin and Temple owned in New York City became principal contractors to IBM's Multimedia Sales Center in Palisades, New York. They developed hardware and software marketing solutions for IBM, and their company was purchased, internalized and eventually absorbed by that major Fortune 500 corporation.

Since moving to Boca Raton, Florida, in the early 1990s, Kerstin has continued to focus on her own marketing organization -- Templeworks Properties LLC -- working closely with several Swedish organizations interested in developing in the United States.

For over a decade, Kerstin has also been an award-winning multi-million dollar real estate producer, selling residential property in the Palm Beaches and Broward county.

"On behalf of the members of SACC Florida," says Chairman Jonas Haeger, "I would like to congratulate Kerstin for this wonderful nomination, and thank her for all that she has done for the US and the Swedish community in Florida for so many years."

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Mailing Address: 3755 Mykonos Court, Boca Raton, FL 33487
E-mail Address: E-mail Kerstin or E-mail Temple
Direct Phone: 561-241-6323
Cell phone: 561-271-8121 (Kerstin) 561-251-6187 (Temple)
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